Small Business and Online Marketing – A Changing Landscape

Small businesses are closing at an overwhelming rate due to the economic climate. Often the fine line between survival and closing is reliant on the amount of marketing of the business is actually done. Unfortunately, when faced with a choice of where to cut in the budget, the marketing is usually the first to go. This should not happen – and smart businesses know this, and put their marketing budget toward a more cost effective and targeted channel – online marketing.

A Changing Landscape

In November, 2010, Ad-ology Research conducted a survey of over 750 small businesses to see where their marketing budget would be spent in 2011. The results showed that more small businesses will be putting their budgets toward e-mail (72.7% in 2011 vs. 56.6% in 2010) and website development (70.5% in 2011 vs. 57.7% in 2010).

What this shows us is that online marketing is becoming the way companies promote their goods and services. Traditional forms of marketing are not going away – there will still be direct mail pieces sent, flyers printed, telephone directories used, and billboards utilized, but overwhelmingly there is going to be great growth in the online marketplace.

Benefits of Online Marketing

Why would a company want to market online? First, there is a greater reach to consumers, and more opportunity for growth. According to Google, over 85% of consumers are going online first when looking for products and services – totaling over 16 billion search queries a month. Secondly, of the over 20 million registered businesses in the U.S., only about 5-10% have any type of online presence, and only a small percentage of those are doing anything to market their company online.

Online marketing is not just limited to having a website, and marketing that, or an email campaign to prospects and clients. There is also a great push toward the utilization of social media. For businesses that are following a business to consumer model, social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are an excellent source to get new business as well as connect with your current clients. Social media sites gather personal consumer information at sign up that businesses can use to target their ads. These ads cost a fraction of what it does on a major search engine. Also, social media sites allow a quick update to your “followers”. Posting relevant, timely information can establish a company as an expert in their field, and who doesn’t want to be known as an expert in their own field?

With such a large untapped marketing space, there is great opportunity to grow. No longer do small businesses have to focus on their own backyard for customers – their reach is only as limited as they want it to be. With the right marketing strategy, their small business can change from a struggling shop to a profitable entity quickly.

Analyzing costs

As with all comparisons, it turns into a question of numbers and dollars. Small businesses using a traditional form of marketing can spend over $10,000 on a direct mail campaign, see less than 1% response, and then a smaller closing rate, and consider the campaign a success. If they took that same $10,000 and invested it in online marketing they could see a much higher exposure, greater contact rate, and much better closing rates because they would be targeting to the consumer who is specifically looking for their goods and services. For example, one of the companies I have worked with wanted exposure for his website. In one month, and for under $1,000, his web traffic increased over 20,000%. Another client I worked with saw a 500% increase in web traffic when he started utilizing an email campaign.

Online marketing is a powerful tool, allowing small businesses to compete with, and beat their competition. Those who take advantage of the opportunities have a greater chance of success over those who continue to use more traditional forms of marketing. As the landscape evolves, and new opportunities arise, what is your small business going to do to succeed?

How To Build Your Affiliate Business and Gain Credibility

It can be really beneficial to market affiliate products effectively. Affiliate marketing if done right can be a great way to increase your income all without having to create your own products. It can be a bit difficult to make affiliate sales in the long term without an effective and targeted list. There are many people selling on the Internet today, many companies with products ranging form weight loss, personal development products to software and ebooks, there is no lack of shortage or choice as to what you can promote as an affiliate marketer.

If you intend to build your affiliate business as well as gain credibility, you will need to only promote products that offer a real value to your customers. Do not just promote products in order to make a quick buck or two. There are also other methods you can use in order to continually grow your affiliate business and ensure that your credibility remains positive in the long run.

Here are some ways to build your credibility as an affiliate marketer

Promote great products

You will need to start providing your customers with great offers and products. This is quite simple to do and worthwhile if you are to see any conversions on your part. Your goal is to honestly help people solve their problems or make things easier for them by promoting products that you yourself can see buying.

Become real to your customers

Do not just hide as a faceless affiliate! Come out from your computer, stand out and let your face be seen, add your testimonials to your squeeze page or landing page. By refusing to hide behind your computer screen, you will be letting people know that you are trustworthy and not a fraud. You will also be branding yourself, which can be a very effective method for generating affiliate income or selling your own product.

Know the product you are selling

Focus on what you are selling and get to know your product. You will never succeed trying to promote or sell something to which you have no knowledge absolutely about!

Deliver whatever it is that you promise

Don’t take shortcuts, your clients will likely never return to your offer if you operate this way. Always make sure you are a person of your word, if you have made a promise to send your customers a free ebook, make sure that you do just that. Make the time for your customers and you should see your sales increase, word of mouth is a very powerful tool after all!

The Best Home Business – Internet Marketing Business

We’re living in a time in which many people are losing their jobs and the idea of running a business appeals to a large number of these individuals. A lot of people out there want to know what is the best home based business and how do I start a profitable home based business?

What happens when people look to the internet to find the best home based business opportunity is that they come across hundreds of products and coaching programs showing you how you can become a millionaire at the push of a button from the comfort of your own home.

You may have seen some of these products and possibly even purchased them. Now, if you are reading this article those products have not worked for you or else you would not be here. These claims are absurd and I would like to reveal the best home business opportunity that is profitable and one which you can automate so that you have more free time do whatever you want.

The best home business opportunity is internet marketing. Internet marketing is very profitable and after putting some work in you can set up automated systems so that you generate sales in your sleep! Internet marketing is not as easy as some will have you believe and does require a lot of work. However, if you are prepared to put the work in then it can without doubt be a very profitable business.

To start an internet business you need to decide on what area of information marketing you will focus on that is if you intend to sell digital products. This article is about selling digital or physical products that are information based. If you have an interest or knowledge in a particular field you may decide to write an eBook and then sell this on the internet. The only cost to you to create the eBook is your time and your effort. Some product creators outsource their eBooks and this could well be an option for you.

If you do not know what to create your product about then you may decide to enter internet marketing as an affiliate marketer. There affiliate networks such as ClickBank that allow you to promote products created by other people and in return get a commission up to 75% of the price of the product. You can promote products by creating mini review sites reviewing the product or you may decide to do article marketing to promote products.

The internet presents a fantastic opportunity to start a low barrier to entry home based business however you need to have the right training, the tools and a community of like minded internet marketers to help you succeed. If you want to start the best home based business consider The Six Figure Mentors.

Important Factors That Come Into Play When Hiring Sales And Marketing Services

Are you planning to start up a new business? Are you looking for an option to improve the productivity and profit ratio of your company? If so, looking for sales and marketing services is very important. When you are starting a business, you should know the fact that marketing plays an important role in the success and growth of it. Therefore, if you are not focusing on these aspects during the initial stages of your company, you may not able to sustain in the market for a long time. As marketing plays an important role in improving the brand name and reputation of the company, it is very important to use the right strategies. When you are using marketing strategies for your business, it is very important to select the right ones considering the type of business you run. Moreover, it is should be suitable for the changing trends.

When you are looking for sales and marketing services, it is very important to make sure that you are selecting a service provider, which can understand your needs and provide you different solutions according to it. These experts should also perform various researches and advertise your business for boosting the sales. The company you are dealing with should also understand the needs of the customers as well as their behavior and find ways for satisfying them. The sales and marketing strategies used by these companies should also create a value for the customers as well as help your company to build a good rapport with them.

If you are selecting an expertise company, make sure they are specialized in some of the important arenas such as pre sales support, distribution, product development, pricing, product promotion, customer relationship management etc. Although, you will be able to find many companies that claim to offer the best marketing service, selecting the right one should be done with proper care. Before making a final decision, make sure the company has a good reputation and ranking in the market. Moreover, you should also know about the quality of the services provided by the company by performing a through background research on them.

A good sale and marketing service will study the type of business you run and provide different effective marketing strategies that can improve the production as well as sales. Looking for a company that is also specialized in audit support is also very important. This can help you to get rid of the hassles and stress that you have to face during the taxing period.

It does not matter what type of business you run or what products and service you provide through it, hiring a good marketing company is very important for your future growth and development. Incase, if you are not able to find a good marketing company in your area, researching on the internet could be the best option for you. When you are looking online, you will be able to find more information on the company you select.

Market America Success – How To Grow A Massive Business With Market America

The History Of Market America

Market America is a network marketing company in the online shopping sector. Customers have access to hundreds of big brand names and stores, as well as a number of exclusive MA products, all in one place, on one portal. The portals are owned and run by independent Market America Distributors who make money every time somebody makes a sale through their portal, and also get bonuses and commissions for referring new Distributors to the business.

Market America was founded by JR and Loren Ridinger in 1992, to take advantage of the internet revolution. This suggests that the company is really modern and cutting edge, but unfortunately the sales and marketing techniques that many of its Distributors use in their business are old-fashioned and out of date. The tricks that worked in network marketing 50 years ago are no longer effective in today’s society.

The Most Common Mistake Made By MA Distributors

In the 1950s and 1960s society was based around the community. People shopped locally and supported local businesses – there was no internet shopping or huge shopping malls. This meant that if you focused all your efforts on friends, family, neighbors and co-workers you could make a lot of money and be very successful. But the whole point of Market America, the whole reason it exists, is to allow people to shop from home without the need to leave the house. If you continue to use techniques that were designed for a completely different society then you will continue to fail.

The techniques that no longer work include just selling to people in your local area that you know personally, handing out business cards and flyers, giving presentations and holding meetings, advertising in the local newspaper, and cold-calling at people’s front doors. If you try to grow your MA business this way you will end up losing money.

How To Grow A Massive Business With MA

If everyone these days is going online to shop, then you need to turn to the internet to find customers for your business too. Every day thousands of people across the country are logging on to their computers and using their search engines to look for products that could help them with a particular problem. They might be looking for cheaper products, an easier way to shop, or a fun business opportunity that they will enjoy.

Whatever people are looking for, if you know how to make sure that they find you when they do their search, then the number of customers for your business is going to explode. Every week hundreds of people will be contacting YOU, asking YOU about your products, and desperate to join you in your opportunity.

The way we shop has changed, and Market America is at the forefront of this change. If you want to be successful with MA then you need to change your business strategy too. The future is the internet, and it will change the way you do business forever.

To find out more about using the internet to grow a massive Market America business, see Market America Success